Djblets 3.3: Typing, Symbols, AmountSelectorWidget

Djblets 3.3 introduces a new form field widget for unit-based number input and further enhances our support for Python type hints.

Typing Improvements

The following modules now support Python type hints:

A new djblets.util.typing module has been added with new useful types, including KwargsDict, StrOrPromise, JSONValue, JSONDict, and JSONList.

Utility Symbols

A new djblets.util.symbols module has been added with utility symbols that can be used in APIs.

Right now, this includes UNSET, which can be used as a default result or value in many APIs instead of using None. More will be added in time.


The new AmountSelectorWidget can be used in form fields to let users input a number and select a unit (such as bytes, kilobytes, or megabytes).

See the release notes for more details on Djblets 3.3.


$ pip3 install Djblets==3.3

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Djblets 3.3 release notes

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beanbag-docutils 2.2: Enhanced JSON Output

beanbag-docutils is our collection of extensions for the Sphinx documentation platform.

This is a major feature release that introduces some new capabilities for JSON output, making it easier to integrate documentation into your own sites:

  • The metadata extension extracts .. meta:: into the JSON output for a page.
  • The json_writer extension replaces the sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml JSON writer and includes both a copy of the docs-wide Table of Contents structure in the globalcontext.fjson file and per-page anchor navigation HTML in the page’s .fjson file.

You can see how we make use of these new capabilities in the brand-new Review Board documentation site.


$ pip3 install beanbag-docutils==2.2

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