Tonight’s round of improvements for teams

We deployed an update tonight that makes some small but very useful changes throughout the site.

Your account menu at the top of every page has been tweaked to show your username, instead of your first name. We found that people sometimes forgot which username they registered with, which this should help a lot with. Inside the menu, you’ll see a little card showing your gravatar, name, and e-mail address, along with the usual menu items for changing your account profile and logging out.

Next to your account menu is your new Team menu. Here you’ll see your team and a menu item for creating new teams. If you’re an administrator, you’ll also be able to get to your Team Administration page from here. If you’re a member of more than one team on RBCommons, it also offers an easy way to switch between them.

This menu also gave us the opportunity to make another change. When you visit, you’ll now be taken directly to your dashboard, skipping the old and shabby “home” screen altogether.

One last thing, for administrators. The interface for adding or editing review groups in the Team Administration page was not up to par. We’ve revamped this, and it’s much nicer, particularly for user selection.

And that’s it! Enjoy, and keep the great feedback coming.

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New sleek redesign

Last night we deployed some new changes to our landing page, pricing page, and overall RBCommons site styles. The new landing page gives new users a small tour of the RBCommons features. We’ll update this as new features are introduced.

We decided it was time to give RBCommons a bit of a visual refresh, so this was the start of that. You’ll begin to see this on many of the pages. The code review sections are still as they were, but in time we’ll refresh these as well to better match.

Now unfortunately, this came at a cost. We had a temporary issue with registration that lasted a few hours. Our credit card integration broke and new teams couldn’t sign up. I’m very sorry if this affected you. If you were affected, please let us know, and try again.

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