Let’s Keep In Touch :)

RBCommons has been growing up. Once upon a time, we had only a few early teams signed up, and back then e-mail worked just fine for support and announcements. These days, it’s another story, and we really needed to give you all a better insight into what’s going on with RBCommons.

We’re now giving you two easy ways to do that.

The first is the new RBCommons blog (what you’re reading here!). You can easily subscribe to our feed, or just, you know, set this as your home page. Why not.

The second is the new @RBCommons Twitter account. Any new posts here will go there, along with any emergency announcements, or whatever we feel like posting.

And as always, if you ever have any questions or comments, you can easily contact us.

Say hi sometime!

Christian Hammond

President/CEO of Beanbag. Developer of Review Board and RBCommons. Lover of sushi and bees. Not at the same time.