The road to Review Board 2.5

f you’ve been following our development for a while, we’ve been working on a big 2.5 release. This started off as a nice little feature release that was going to focus on API tokens, Webhooks, and a handful of other features, but has since evolved to include a UI refresh and preliminary mobile support.

It’s taken longer than we’d like, surely. That happens in software, and we’re still a pretty small team with very full plates. The good news is, we’re getting pretty close to release.

So here’s where we are now:

  • We’re feature-frozen, but still polishing things.
  • We’re fixing bugs here and there (though things are looking quite stable so far).
  • Getting ready to release beta 2 (soon!)
  • Followed by a RC release, and then the final 2.5!

Awesome. So, we’re getting there. Follow us on our ChangeLog, and you’ll get to watch as we get closer and closer to the final 2.5 release.

Christian Hammond

President/CEO of Beanbag. Developer of Review Board and RBCommons. Lover of sushi and bees. Not at the same time.